Who I am

My name is Markos Sotiris Muehlschlegel-Triantafyllou, I am 30 years old. I try to follow my creativity and myself. I have a lot of experience in music and multimedia. I give workshops, I organize and love being at film festivals, I am conducting choirs and I give music lessons. I’m also composing music.

Besides I am an upcoming actor chatting around in Europe. I love travelling

In medias, I made up my own YouTube channel (http://www.willlachen.at) for satire and comedy, a documentary channel (www.okto.tv/fortresseurope) and I am professional advisor, cutter, director for your video, (Image -) film and advert product.

My slogan is to „trytofollow your ideas“ and make them happen. Feel free to contact for any projects and offers.

Enjoy surfing through my project cosmos.